Saturday, 5 July 2014

Laser cut Jewellery, the collection..

 I have had to temporarily shut down my etsy shop as in three weeks time I will be moving to Japan to teach English (exciting!).Before doing so however I wanted to share the 'full collection' of my laser cut brooches so  they are still available for viewing online.  

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Laser cut Jewellery

Happy New Year blog readers!

This is quite a belated post, mainly because I've been keeping what I've been making under wraps until after Christmas because I didn't want certain people to see their Christmas presents! However, I can now reveal that a month or so ago I learnt to use a laser cutter and had a go at transforming some of my drawings into wooden jewellery, see results below. I mainly made brooches (boats and birds) but I also made some snow globe Christmas decorations. I'm pretty pleased with them and very impressed with the detail the laser cutter can produce. 

Anyway I ran a Christmas craft stall in December selling said Jewellery which went well so I now plan to open up an etsy shop and run a few more craft stalls in Bristol selling more,I just need to make some more stock first. So watch this space, I will write a post once my shop is up and running. Hooray for 2014! may it bring many creative adventures and discoveries. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Children's parties and hen do's at Cordial and Grace sewing parlour cafe, Clifton, Bristol

For some time now I have been running children's sewing parties and sewing hen parties at the very lovely Cordial and Grace sewing parlour cafe in Clifton. I love running the parties, helping children and adults alike enjoy create something they are always proud of is very satisfying! One particular lady wrote a very complimentary blog post about her experience which you can view HERE if your interested. Below are some very cute owls, cushions and bags made by the children followed by bunting and doorsteps made by the hen's. Other hen do parties are also available, including a quilting party where each hen can make one personalized embroidered quilting square, these in turn can be made into a quilt which the hen can keep forever. A corsage/brooch/fascinator hen do is also available which includes learning how to make fabric flowers.  

Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer patterns

So here are a few patterns I made from my drawings this summer I think the boats are a suitable print for a bathroom or bathroom wallpaper perhaps, or maybe a summer tote bag or even a skirt? Hummmm so many options! 

Summer drawing

This summer I decided to go back to the drawing board (literally) and draw whatever I felt like, whenever I had the chance.  I had a commission from a friend to paint her a huge watercolor butterfly which is where I started and I just carried on from there. Here a few pages from my sketchbook, I have plans for some of the drawings, others are just for fun. I've also realized that my work is greatly influenced by the seasons and that I take a lot of inspiration from the changing of the seasons. I'm therefore thinking of producing a range of prints that use this as a starting point.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Impressions of Edinburgh in August

Last Thursday I embarked on an trip to Edinburgh visit some old friends and experience the Fringe festival. As everybody told me before I went I can now confirm from personal experience that the Fringe festival is a amazing experience indeed! I saw loads of amazing shows including The Trench by the theatre company Les Enfants Terribles and Missing by the theatre company Gecko, these were my favourites, they were both incredible pieces of physical theatre, possibly the best I've ever seen. I also got accosted by eager flyer distributor's on the royal mile, saw lots of very good free comedy and climbed Arthur's seat, the huge crag that overlooks the city. Finally, in an attempt to be Scottish, I drank straight whisky in some very trendy bars and traditional pubs! Anyway I wanted to share some photos I took whilst I was there...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Embroidered map of the world...finished.

So here it is, my finished embroidered/ appliqued map of the world. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

BV Open Studios

Hey everyone, my studio is open to the public all weekend this weekend, as is another 100+ artists studios. Come and have a look. I've got some work on display including my finished embroidered map of the world,yes thats right I've finished it. Horray! Photos to follow soon, come and see it for yourself in the flesh first though!
ll be in there today creating some other pieces, hopefully see you there.