Saturday, 26 June 2010

Animal Antics

After mainly designing geometric and floral designs for the fashion market for the past few months for a refreshing break I wanted to create some design's for myself that are more 'conversational' as they call it in the industry.
I've always loved animals (and am a bit of a David Attenborough fanatic) and wanted to begin with some designs which incorporated a few of my favorite animals as well as my intricate floral designs, I've begun with flamingo's and deer.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Attempting monchrome

Normally I am a crazy colour fanatic so as sort of a personal challenge to myself I decided to create some monochrome print's based on the insect world and some beautiful lace I saw a long time ago in the V&A in the Out of the Ordinary Spectacular Craft exhibition.

Here is what I designed

One day I am determined to make them into screen printed cushions (although everything possible technically has gone wrong so far which is which is why they remain an idea not a product so far!) and then maybe embroider tiny detail into the insects.

I imagine them in a monochrome interior like the one below or a simple contrast in a bright room.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Jamaica Street Studio's and Louise Gardiner

In Bristol recently I also went to visit Jamacia Street Open Studio's where I saw some really exciting embroidery by Louse Gardiner. What I loved about her work was the bright neon colours she used and the real iridescent feathers that really brought her work to life, the pictures don't really do her work justice as it was the colours in the fabrics that made it so exciting but this will give you a idea of her work.

click HERE to see her website

Monday, 14 June 2010

Back in the Bath and some crazy Bristol graffiti

Last weekend I went back to Bath to see this years degree show.It was fab, it was lovely to go back and see old tutors and there was some amazing work.

I then ventured on to Bristol where I saw some brilliant children's graffiti which I loved!I've always been quite inspired by graffiti and I particularly liked the crazy marks and colours the kid's had made in theirs.

A bit of patchwork and some very chilled out cats

My lovely friend Mared Edwards made me a beautiful patchwork cushion out of all her degree show fabrics and I've been making and building up an array of patchwork cushions made out of my own left over degree show fabric scraps to accompany it. It seemed such a shame not to do anything with them so I patch-worked them together.
I wont be selling these cushions as they feature prints I have now sold to the Fashion Market but they will be brightening up my room for many years to come and I'm very excited about designing some different prints I can make into cushions and sell and share with everyone.

thankyou Mared for your lovely present....this is Mared's website.....

my cats also seemed to enjoy lounging around underneath them....

A beaded cushion

So admittedly this might not have been the most practical idea I've ever had but awhile ago I had a massive urge to do some embroidery and bead work so I decided to embroider and bead myself a cushion cover. The other day it was finally sunny (hurray) and I thought I would take some photo's of it in my garden as the sun shone brilliantly off the sequins and made them sparkle.

Some little details about my work

I love detail and I also have rather a large passion for pattern, my third love affair is with colour. I love intricate drawing and embroidery, tiny beads, tiny threads, small scraps of fabric and very bright patterns. Most of my work revolves around my infatuation with these thing's so you can expect my blog to feature many a bright, detailed, patterned post.

Some tiny details about me and my blog


I decided to create a blog to share and keep a record of the lovely things I have seen and made recently, I began to set up a website but haven't quite made enough things to feature on it yet so decided that a blog would be a very nice way to start.

I graduated from Bath Spa School of Art and Design in June 09 having completed a BA Hons in Fashion and Textiles. Since then I’ve been doing many a number of things. I've been working as a freelance textile designer for an agent in London, selling my designs to the fashion world in Paris and New York and I’ve also been working in a college helping teach students who have learning and mental difficulties.

In-between all this whenever I get the chance I find the time to draw and paint, create pattern deisgn's, visit interesting exhibitions and make the lovely things you will hopefully see soon on my blog.