Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Quilty pleasures

So last but not least on my London exhibition I visited the V&A Quilt exhibition. I love quilts but unfortunately have never progressed past the square pattern! The quilts in the exhibition were amazing,the most impressive thing about them was the time and work gone into them. There was also a quilt made by the prisoners of Wansworth Prison which was really interesting,it featured alot of narrative embroidery in it as well, it was a commition by the V&A and there was a vidio about how the prisoners felt making it.
I am very inspired to do some more patchworking and quilting after seeing the exhibition and it has got me thinking why do the fabric's have to be physically patchwork together at all?Could I patchwork my deisgns together on the computer? I think I am going to try and patchwork my florals together with some bold graphics and florescent colour's, mix it up abit so its not girly and try out some real quilting too, dig out my scraps and start quilting some crazy combinations.

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