Tuesday, 26 October 2010

In other news...

I've been very busy this month as I returned to work at college. I've been working for a year in the additional needs department but this year I'm supporting in the art department which is fantastic.
I'm mainly supporting BTEC first students but I'm also supporting a blind girl on a BTEC National course, I've been teaching her a few embroidery stitches/techniques which is really interesting, I often try to do them with my eyes closed first to see how difficult the stitches are and to help me think of ways to explain the stitches to her. It's really interesting as I get to witness the perspective/art of someone who makes art but has no vision.
I've also been making and designing and (most excitingly) screen printing a couple of things in the build up to a mini craft fair I'm taking part in very soon (more details to follow shortly).