Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A new year/a new Idea/a new project...

I cant wait until spring, I have never liked January very much and I've currently been dreaming of summer picnics and lounging around on deck-chairs reading elle decoration again,which consequently got me thinking about picnic mats and deck-chairs and my lack of both these items and then inspiration struck! What fantastic products/blank canvasses to create designs for.

I'm very excited about these ideas/new products, neither of which I have created before. I'm going to make the picnic matt with nylon waterproof backing and either screen print or splash out on a digitally printed front from one of my drawings, as for the deck-chairs I need to track down old frames and either strip the original fabric and replace with my own design's (again either digitally printed or screen printed) or find old frames without fabric.

The only question remaining is what drawings/designs to use?!Time to start thinking and drawing,drawing,drawing. Outdoor accessories here I come....

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