Sunday, 20 February 2011

Learning Illustrator

In the past few weeks I decided to attempt to teach myself Adobe Illustrator and after a very frustrating start I've now begun to master the basics and I really wish I had given it a proper go years ago. In the next few weeks I'm going back to the drawing board and I'm going to start a whole new set of patterns from some original drawings. Now I've (finally) got the hang of it I'm going also to combine these with my new illustrator skills and see what happens.
This is what happened along the way as I attempted to teach myself to use Illustrator!....

Planning new exciting things

Recently I've met a fantastic lady called Bee, she set up and runs This is Bazaar and has organized many craft fairs in Derby. We got together recently to plan new craft fairs and creative workshops in Derby together. The plans are in the making and the ball is rolling, meanwhile Bee will kindly be exhibiting my work at Derby's Creative Garden event and hopefully finding new recruits to join us in upcoming events....

Working with blind students

Well its been a very busy month getting ready for the nottingham craft fair and helping students at work get ready for university interviews.

I've spent quite a bit of time with the blind student I work with teaching her a few embroidery stitches and beading techniques as well as going to university interviews with her. We went to one particularly interesting interview/open day where we got to participate in an art therapy workshop.

She said she wouldn't mind if I shared with you some of the work she's been doing/I've been supporting her with, below is one of the beading techniques I supported her with which she was particularly pleased with...