Saturday, 11 February 2012

Embroidered maps (new project/ideas)

I've had this idea in my head for ages now about embroidering a map .I made my boyfriend an embroidered map of Bristol awhile ago which I was inspired to do because of this project which I visited in Spike Island. I've decided to create some little samples of embroidery and have fun and experiment for a bit instead of getting stuck into a massive project, here is my first bit of experimentation...
I embroidered a line from Derby to Bristol because of my recent move back down to the south west and I've used some of the fabrics from my university global traveler project which have patterns from passports on for the background. Eventually I might create a entire embroidered/patch-worked map of europe and embroider where I have been but for now I'm just going to continue with some small samples!

Screen Printing

My lovely boyfriend (cheers Nic!) has built me a screen printing frame and some silk screens.I don't have a light exposer so I've started to test it out by printing through some simple stencils, it's really exciting to be able to screen print again. Horray! The results came out quite well (I need some practice using stencils) and I've patch-worked some of the results together (see bottom photo)...

Final boat pattern deck-chair cover designs

So here are three possible contenders for the print that I want to cover my vintage deck-chairs with. I'm not sure which two will win! I might even go back and do more work on them but for now this is what they look like,just got to save some money to get them digitally printed onto fabric now.

Time for change

I'm about to take down/rearrange my studio space to start a new project now that I am coming to the end/want a break from my boat pattern designs, before I do though I wanted to share what has been up on my boards inspiring me for the last few weeks...

Its been rather cold here in bristol... cold that the harbour has frozen over and the ducks are walking on water.