Sunday, 21 October 2012

Upholstered chairs in my own fabric designs

I've finally finished upholstering my chairs in my own fabric. Horray! I wanted to document the process so here it is...

Step 1. Bought old chairs off ebay. (The chairs were in pretty bad condition! The seats were mouldy and the chairs themselves covered in old varnish that was flaking away.)  
Step 2. Striped chair seats completely back to frame and re-upholstered. I also sanded back the wood/removed old varnish from the chair frame and re-treated the wood with furniture wax.
Step 3. I chose a original photo of mine that inspired me to create a drawing/design. (These boats were from my holiday in Italy last year).
Step 4. Created a drawing/ design /repeat pattern from the photo.
Step 5. At this stage I ordered a sample of my design (above) in fabric to check what the colours would look like when they were printed on fabric. I also ordered different samples of some of my old designs as this point as well as I wanted to upholster my two chairs in two different designs. I placed these on top of my chairs to see what they would look like/help me decide which fabrics to order.

Step 6. I then chose which designs to order and ordered my fabric. (The exciting bit!)
The last thing to do was to add my fabric to the top of the chairs.

Step 8. Finished. (Have a sit down and a cup of tea!)

 And here's a before and after just for fun...

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Embroidery workshops in Cordial and Grace sewing cafe, Clifton Bristol

Hi all
Today I'm busy practicing embroidery stitches and beading techniques in preparation for running some embroidery workshops in the lovely Cordial and Grace  cafe in Clifton, Bristol. The workshops will be run in Cordial and Grace's cosy sewing parlor in the basement where, if you wish to attend, you will be able to sew chat and drink tea and eat cake to your hearts content.

The workshop is designed to suit to beginners and improvers, many embroidery stitches and beading techniques with be demonstrated (some of which are shown below) and a portfolio of work shown to provide you with ideas/examples of how embroidery can be used. You will go home with tons of ideas of how to use embroidery to embellish your clothing and interiors.
Handouts showing diagrams of the stitches and all materials you need will be provided, you will just need to bring yourself and something you would like to embellish with embroidery.

The workshop will be on the 20th of November from 6p.m till 9p.m. If you'd like to book a place please ring or email the cafe details here.