Saturday, 5 July 2014

Laser cut Jewellery, the collection..

 I have had to temporarily shut down my etsy shop as in three weeks time I will be moving to Japan to teach English (exciting!).Before doing so however I wanted to share the 'full collection' of my laser cut brooches so  they are still available for viewing online.  

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Laser cut Jewellery

Happy New Year blog readers!

This is quite a belated post, mainly because I've been keeping what I've been making under wraps until after Christmas because I didn't want certain people to see their Christmas presents! However, I can now reveal that a month or so ago I learnt to use a laser cutter and had a go at transforming some of my drawings into wooden jewellery, see results below. I mainly made brooches (boats and birds) but I also made some snow globe Christmas decorations. I'm pretty pleased with them and very impressed with the detail the laser cutter can produce. 

Anyway I ran a Christmas craft stall in December selling said Jewellery which went well so I now plan to open up an etsy shop and run a few more craft stalls in Bristol selling more,I just need to make some more stock first. So watch this space, I will write a post once my shop is up and running. Hooray for 2014! may it bring many creative adventures and discoveries.